Dog Travel Carrier


Traveling by car with your dog in complete safety has never been easier! This sturdy, lightweight pet carrier, made of plastic with a plastic-coated steel door is designed to be placed inside the boot of most cars. The carrier will easily fit in the boot of an average sized family hatchback and the carrying handles permit you to easily lift the carrier into the boot.

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Sturdy and hard wearing plastic unit with it’s ergonomic shape and integrated handle makes this a great travel carrier for small dogs. The plastic unit comes complete with a grill door which includes a secure spring latch and provides ample ventilation to allow for flow of air. The carrier also incorporates a safety locking system. This product is ideal for a medium-sized dog or two small dogs. Not suitable for large dogs. Can be optionally used for cats and rabbits.

Weight 1.64 lbs
Dimensions 58.6 × 37.4 × 18.6 in


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