Crochet Dog Sweater

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Soft and stretchy sweater for small and middle sized dogs. Hand knit with acrylic yarns. Sweater slips over the dogs head and front paws slip through leg openings. Your choice of colors. Sweaters are available in three sizes. Great for older dogs too. Sweaters will stretch to fit ‘in between’ sizes. All sweaters are machine washable and dryer safe.

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This dog sweater is hand crocheted. It will keep your pet warm during the cold weather, they will love it! It can also make your pet feel a little more secure during loud noises such as fireworks or if there is a windstorm. Sleeveless comfort and just enough under-belly clearance to allow your furry friend to stay clean and dry during potty breaks. Measurements: take neck and chest measurements of your pup, if the measurements do not match a specific size then go up to the next larger size.

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1 review for Crochet Dog Sweater

  1. Misty Mason

    This hoodie is seriously so adorable! It fit my pup perfect and she had no problems wearing it. Her bully brother chewed on it, so now it has holes. Lol. But it’s still cute.

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